Balancing of Life Counsellors provide confidential and professional telephone & Skype counselling services including emergency and after hours sessions.  


We provide professional counselling services across rural and remote areas for abuse, grief and loss, depression, conflict resolution, relationship breakdown, communication skills, trauma, anxiety, workplace issues and building self esteem for children, teens and adults.

Servicing national and international clients, 7 days a week with out of hours to cater for emergencies.  (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Balancing of Life counselling service enables individuals to access professional counsellors via telephone & Skype.

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Counselling offers you a place to explore the difficulties in your personal life and working career with a counsellor trained to neither judge nor advise, but to examine and unblock feelings which may have been hidden for years.


Work, relationships and self - each one is as important as the other. During our counselling sessions, we will work together to bring all aspects of your life into balance, resulting in a happier, more confident, capable you.


In a counselling session, we may discuss your past and present relationships, family, health and general well being. This is designed to help you understand more about yourself. Together we will build a strong therapeutic relationship.


Gradually you will move to feel calmer and clearer in your thinking. Our counselling sessions will help you develop the skills and confidence to make changes in your life, and come to terms with things that can’t be changed.​


Having counsellors from across Australia means that we can offer more flexible time frames and a 7 day a week counselling service, ensuring that you will find a counsellor that you can connect with. 


Find a counsellor near you.

Who can access this service:

  • Any person who desires assistance and is over the age of 18, appointments can be made for a junior through parents or guardian. ​

  • Organisations that provide counselling for their clients.

  • EAP-Employment Assistant Programs - Counselling can be arranged for your staff 7 days a week with extended access hours.​

  • For EAP, Corporate, Government and non for profit  organisations partnerships please contact JaneOakley-Lohm with your questions or queries via:-​


Booking Counselling Services:

  • Go to the Booking Page.  

  • Fees from $60.00 depending if you choose a counsellor with a Diploma, Bachelor or Masters.

  • Payments can be made with Credit card.


Clients can:

  • Book their appointment through the counsellor's individual diary and then pay online which will confirm their appointment. Each counsellor will have their qualifications with their name. EG Diploma, Bachelor, Masters.

  • To book go to:-  

    • “Book an appointment now”, choose Diploma of counselling, Bachelor of counselling or Masters of counselling and you will see a drop down box with the counsellor's name of your choice.  This will take you to their calendar, where you can add a brief explanation of the reason for booking a counselling session. Eg Work/ home issue, grief and loss, relationship issues, etc

  • Add your name, address, phone number, your doctor's name and phone number and a contact person's number in your first session. ​

Counsellors are required to:

  • Explain confidentiality to their clients prior to commencing the counselling session. For example, all discussions in the counselling session are private and confidential.  While notes are taken during the session, these notes are securely stored. 

  • Counsellors do have a duty of care.  At times they are legally required to share your details with the appropriate organisations. This can be, but is not limited to, keeping you and others safe or if a court subpoenaed your notes.


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Providing professional counselling services for abuse, grief and loss, depression, conflict resolution, relationship breakdown, communication skills, trauma, anxiety, workplace issues and building self esteem for children, teens and adults.

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